automation of the workforce

The rise of the machines in the workforce

“…Thirty-five per cent of male jobs were identified as being at high risk against 26% of female jobs.” The Guardian It’s becoming more and more of a reality –  workers being replaced by machines or robots. Most of us have seen the film Terminator! :0) and most recently, the channel 4 series ‘Humans’ –where ‘Synths’

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half of UK employees change job?

Who wants to have their cake and eat it?

More than half of UK employees are looking to change their job According to company Citation, who recently ran a survey, more than half of employees in the UK are looking to leave their job in the next 12 months. This is not good news for employers. Not only does this mean added financial cost

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permanent placements august

UK Job Market Report: August

We know how popular the IHS Markit Reports are, once again we’ve summarised the figures for you from the UK’s ‘Job Market report south’ – August. The Report on Jobs: South is a monthly publication produced by IHS Markit and sponsored by the Recruitment and Employment Confederation. Commenting on the latest survey results, Kevin Green,

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Business News Dorset

Business Round Up – September 17

We’ve rounded up the business and HR news in Dorset, Hampshire & beyond – to keep you up-to-date, in case you missed it!  Local Business News: 15.09.17 Fintech company Ratio is among the fastest-growing in the UK A FOUR-year-old business in the ‘fintech’ sector has been recognised as one of the UK’s fastest-growing technology firms.

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Politically correctness – where it’s all at?

Genderism is the hot topic at the moment … ..with John Lewis announcing it will drop gender labels from its children’s clothing range. ‘The department store chain has not only taken “girls” and “boys” labels from clothes, but has also done away with the separate sections in stores. John Lewis own-brand children clothing will now simply

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are you september ready?

So, are you September ready?

What is it about September? Twenty years on, and I can’t seem to shake the back to school mentality from my youth, when thenew school year starts. Back to school always meant a new school uniform, a shiny pair of shoes, maybe a haircut, hopefully, a new bag, a new pencil case and of course

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company's cultural fit

What’s your company culture and does it still fit?

When you’re looking for someone to join your company, you work out your business needs, decide on a job title, write a job description etc. etc.. and then you get your Recruitment team onto finding you some potential candidates. Oh and of course you decide on a salary bracket, reporting structure, targets …oh, if only

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Updating your Autumn Winter Wardrobe 2017

Dare I say the words Autumn, Winter…and wardrobe!

Looking around the office today I had to think is it still August? as I can’t see much of Summer going on in our outfits today! I know we can’t give up on Summer just yet but the weather hasn’t been too great recently, and September is less than 2 weeks away! So looking at

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Perm candidate placements recruitment consultancies

Job Market Report South: July

We know how popular the IHS Markit Reports are – see below for their latest findings on the UK Job Market that we’ve summarised for you below. KEY FINDINGS – SOUTH: Growth in temp billings outstrips that of permanent placements South of England sees the steepest fall in candidate numbers of all five UK regions

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learn from our competitive heroes

Learn from our competitive heroes for success at work!

“It’s not the will to win, but the will to prepare to win that makes the difference.” Alabama head coach, Bear Bryant Well, that’s the World Athletics over and what an event it was! Once again London saw a rollercoaster of highs and lows in the sporting world and we managed to scrape our target

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business round up bournemouth

HR & Business Round-Up: August

We’ve rounded up the local business and HR news in Dorset, Hampshire & beyond – to keep you up-to-date!  Local Business News: 21 August: Atlas Elektronik UK is awarded £48m contract to supply workboats for the Royal Navy A Dorset-based science and technology company has secured a £48million contract that will boost the local economy

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The art of onboarding

The Art of ‘Onboarding’

You’ve found your dream candidate, after having gone through the rigmarole of sourcing suitable prospective employees, lengthy interview processes and then decided they’re the one. Decided on the job offer, done all the paperwork..…and then don’t speak to them again until their first day. Or if you’ve used Dovetail Recruitment, we’ve pre-interviewed, finely tuned your

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Tackling the Gender Pay Gap

Tackling the Gender Pay Gap

So, if your company is facing this issue what can you do to reduce the gender gap in salaries? How do you stop this happening in the future? We look at tackling the gender pay gap. Following our review of company salaries in the South last week – I have to say we were a

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graduate trainee roles

It’s Graduation time: kick-start your career!

If you’re about to wave goodbye to University life – Dovetail Recruitment has a fabulous range of graduate trainee roles just for you. You’ve got the Summer ahead and whatever area you’re looking to get into we have roles available across all of our sectors. Even if you’re not sure what you want to get into take

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liz davies

Finding the Perfect Fit for 9 Years

Dovetail are delighted to be celebrating our 9 year Anniversary this month From humble beginnings back in 2008, when Liz set up on her own in a spare room at the back of a friend’s business with just the yellow pages, a laptop and phone – now look where we are! Over to Liz -:0)

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