Dorset Business News Round up

Local Business & HR News Round up

We’ve rounded up the Dorset business news, local HR and company news in Hampshire, Dorset & beyond – in case you’ve missed it!  Local Dorset Business News: 22nd January 1500 Bournemouth Businesses report Financial Distress THERE were 1,541 Bournemouth businesses reporting financial distress at the end of last year – up by more than a

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Interview - Find a Leader

The Interview: How to find a Leader

So, Dovetail have done the hard work for you and got your shortlist of candidates ready for that first interview. :0) We thought we’d gather some tips on interviewing and identifying leadership qualities in your candidates – especially useful if you’re new to interviewing. Right,You have an allocated time slot to get the information you

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Job Market Report

New Job Market Report

The latest Report on Jobs in Dorset and for the South of the UK has arrived from IHS Markit and REC. Kevin Green, REC Chief Executive comments, “The number of people finding jobs via recruiters is growing, even while the overall employment rate is plateauing. This suggests that more employers are turning to recruiters to

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Blue Monday- - Turning things on its head

Blue Monday? Let’s turn it on it’s head!

According to the ‘Experts’ today is Blue Monday! So, if you weren’t already aware it’s meant to be the most depressing day of the year. We do things a bit differently at Dovetail, so we’ve turned it on its head to look at the positives. Why? According to the formula below – this is how

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Test your willpower

Keeping resolutions – time to test your willpower

Did you make a New Year Resolution this year? If so, brace yourself as this weekend marks half way through January and is, according to the statisticians, the most likely time you will break it. So hold fast, stick to your guns and remember the reasons you made that resolution in the first place! Think

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what's on the cards for 2018

What’s on the cards for 2018?

So, 2018 – what’s on the cards? Looking at all the predictions for this year in the world of work what can we expect for 2018? There are some common trends that keep recurring which we’ve summarised below, having looked at some of the recent surveys. Many of the trends seem to interlink, and it

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legislation against the Gender Pay Gap

Iceland take lead on Gender Pay Gap

We take our hats off to Iceland’s legislation against Gender Pay Gap One of the key trends for this year is, of course, the Gender Pay Gap which looks set to be a key focal point – as even today the BBC Editor, Carrie Grace has resigned over unequal pay with her male colleagues. The support she’s receiving

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Merry Christmas from Team Dovetail

In case you were wondering what we get up to when no one’s looking! :0) Wishing you all a very Merry Christmas from all of us at Team Dovetail (Francesca is on maternity leave & Lara forgot her elf costume! …. :0) And in case you need us- here are our opening hours over the

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HR Trends for 2018

HR Trends for 2018: Technology

So, it’s 2018 and we’ve been gathering some of the latest thinking on what to expect for this year. Here are 5 key HR trends for 2018, summarised below and it looks like Technology is once again a big theme for the year. Passive candidates – Technology and the world of social media allows us

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Dorset Business News

Dorset Business News Round Up: December

We’ve rounded up the Dorset business news, local HR and company news in Hampshire, Dorset & beyond – in case you’ve missed it!  Local Business News: 8 Dec 2017 Sexual harassment: employers ‘must be clear’ on acceptable behaviour Employers need to send clear messages about acceptable behaviour in the workplace after the spate of sexual harassment

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The State of the Labour Market

The State of the Labour Market

Is the long and sustained recent labour market boom finally running out of steam? Philip Hammond started his budget last week by saying the UK economy “continues to grow, continues to create more jobs than ever before, and continues to confound those who seek to talk it down”. This is in stark contrast to Kevin

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UK workforce career job dissatisfaction

‘Over a third of UK workforce unhappy’ – why?

We recently wrote about the shocking statistics on the number of people looking for work, over half of the workforce, ‘Who wants to have their cake and eat it!’ We considered the various factors that have caused this, but one that clearly stands out is career satisfaction. According to CV library’s recent survey of 1,200

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Black Friday - real, fake - how to win!

Black Friday: Real? Fake? How to win!

 “Britain’s leading economic experts have warned that the UK is languishing in the midst of two decades of lost wage growth and a long-term fall in living standards” In the aftermath of the doom and gloom of this week’s budget and the economic forecast for the UK, today we are faced with the ultimate consumer temptation!

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Office Christmas Party: what to wear, do & NOT do!

Office Christmas Party: do’s, don’ts & outfits!

The infamous Christmas party season is nearly here so first things first! Have you even thought about what you’re wearing yet? If you’re anything like me then probably not, so we’ve found some inspiration for that all important outfit this year – whatever your budget. If you have more than one to go to, hopefully,

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Hr news round up dorset

Business & HR Round Up – November

We’ve rounded up the best of the local business & HR news in Hampshire, Dorset & beyond – in case you missed it!  Local Business News: 27 Nov Start-up businesses are missing out because women are not being advised to make “angel” investments. That was among the insights at the third Dorset Business Angels Investor

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October Job Market Report South

October’s Job Market Report Dorset

October’s Job Market Report Dorset and for the South of the UK has arrived from IHS Markit and REC – see our summary below. Liz Davies: “We’ve had the latest report in from IHS Markit and REC showing the movement in the job market for October 2017. We’ve definitely seen this year’s trend of a

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