Candidates planning to move jobs have a strong chance of getting a pay rise

Job Market Report South – March 18

We’ve rounded up the key points from IHS MarkIt and REC’s March report on Jobs in Dorset & the South of the UK. Permanent placements and temp billings continue to rise at historically marked rates Starting salaries increase to greatest extent for five months Growth of demand for staff remains sharp, but candidate availability drops

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Animals in the office

HR & Business News Round up

A round up of Local HR & Business headlines, Dorset, Hampshire & beyond – in case you missed it! 9.04.18 Recent years have seen a certain trend take off – the rise of the office animal. According to estimates, as many as a third of businesses across the UK have pet policies in place. 9.04.18

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what to wear to work spring 2018

Get your Spring ‘Fash-On’

Hooray, I hear you say – yes it’s time to get your Spring Fash-On – here’s what to wear to work in Spring 2018.  So Spring has officially arrived this week and in my books, that’s enough to start giving the wardrobe an injection of 2018 trend must-haves! I’ve had the pleasure of scanning the

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Cert rp exam results

Cert RP Results: Passed with Flying Colours

It’s celebration time in the office today as both Samantha and Laura have now received their exam results and it’s super news, as they have both passed with flying colours! They are delighted to have all that hard work behind them – 3 months intensive study in fact-  which they had to juggle with full-time jobs and

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Get your Interview Head on

Get your interview head on

I’m not sure Worzel Gummidge had an ‘interview’ head – but if you’re going for an interview then it’s time to get yours on. When you go for an interview, you have one shot to do well and make a good impression with your potential future employer. And if you’ve got to the interview stage

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Employment law -key dates for your diary

Diary Dates: Employment Law

Are you prepared for the forthcoming employment legislations outlined below? We’ve gathered some key dates for you as a reminder, along with a key overview of what the changes involve. March 30 March 2018 – Gender Pay Gap Reporting -first reports – Public sector ‘Specified public authorities’, including government departments, the armed forces, local authorities, the NHS

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Salaries reach 4 month high in South

Job Market Report – February 2018

The latest report on Jobs in Dorset and for the South of the UK has arrived from IHS Markit and REC. Starting Salaries reach 4-month high in South Key points from February survey: Steeper increase in permanent placements contrasts with softer temp billings growth Deterioration in overall candidate availability eases slightly, but remains marked Starting

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Local Bournemouth News

Local Business News

We’ve rounded up the Local business News Headlines for Dorset & Hampshire & beyond – in case you’ve missed it! 26th March 18 Brexit talks have left Lush staff from EU “in limbo” MORE than half of Lush’s staff in Poole are EU migrants and many have been left in a “protracted legal limbo” over

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Leadership Skills

So, what makes a good leader?

Leadership Skills – Highlights from BBC’s CEO Secrets series The BBC has been running a series of interviews to find out what makes prominent chief executives tick. Is there a secret to their success? Listen to their stories to get their top tips on leadership skills! We’ve hand-picked the business leaders we think you’ll find most

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Future proof yourself and grow

Can you future-proof your career?

Long gone are the days of having a job for life! It used to be simple – graduate, get your first job, stay with a company for 10, 20, 30 years or more! Retire. Easy. Today’s world of work couldn’t be more of a contrast. If you haven’t already upped your game, it’s time to!

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candidate attraction strategy

Do you have a candidate attraction strategy?

Brand impressions start way before the interview It’s the mantra of the moment – “It’s a candidate’s market…there’s a skilled candidate shortage” – so do you have a candidate attraction strategy? According to the latest job market report from IHS Markit & REC – these are the key areas companies are struggling to find skilled

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Chinese Zodiac characteristics in the workplace

Chinese Zodiac: Characteristics in the workplace

It’s Chinese New Year this Friday, 16th February and it’s the year of the Dog, which symbolises luck. We thought we’d consider the Chinese Zodiac characteristics in the workplace. What do the signs mean and which jobs are they suited to? Are you on the right career path? The Dog People born in the Year of the

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Employment Market Report South

Employment Market Report: candidate availability

January’s Job & Employment Market Report has arrived from IHS Markit & REC! We’ve summarised Kevin Green’s ( REC Chief Executive) comments below which give a great overview of the current job market. In a nutshell, The report finds that companies are relying more heavily on agencies to support their recruitment needs as the candidate

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Local Business News Headlines

Local Business News Headlines

We’ve rounded up the Local business News Headlines for Dorset & Hampshire & beyond – in case you’ve missed it! 16th Feb – Will JP Morgan sign up to gender equality pledge? 16th Feb – Cryptocurrency business Cudo Ventures pioneers ‘mining’ for charity 16th Feb – Owners of SME’s in South East England may have to retire later

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The hidden workforce - times are changing

A Hidden Workforce

A Hidden Workforce? – Times are changing Due to several factors, the socio-economic landscape is changing in the UK, one of the main reason’s being the improved health of older workers – are they our hidden workforce? When the employment market is facing one its longest stretches of a shortage of skilled candidates, it makes sense

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The Counter Offer

The Counter Offer: Say No!

So, you’ve done all the hard work + you’re faced with The Counter Offer! Say No! After having made the decision that it’s time to move on, you’ve updated your CV and been avidly job hunting. Yes – it’s a full-time job in itself! After scouring the job boards, registering with agencies, you got the

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