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Video: Make your job application stand out

You’ve decided it’s time for a new job and it’s time to up your career a notch. Perhaps you’ve already been applying for jobs and you’re not getting too far, or maybe you’re just about to start looking.Either way, how do you make your job application stand out from all of the other candidates trying

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How to give constructive criticism, careers advice, jobs in bournemouth

How to give Constructive Criticism

If you’re not happy with how a member of staff or a colleague is performing, how do you try to resolve it without causing upset? We look at ‘How to give constructive criticism’. Whatever the area is that needs to be addressed, it’s never an easy task to tell someone that you’re not happy with

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the question of gender at work

The Question of Gender at Work

Over the years, the question of equality has always been an issue for employers to deal with – whether it’s based on race, age, gender or something else. Most recently, the whole area of gender and sexual discrimination has become increasingly complex; as boundaries and definitions emerge and change, it can be tricky to keep

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10 Top Tips: How to hand in your notice

Updated: Theresa May has shown us that there really is a good way and a bad way to do this!  Not sure how to hand in your notice? This might sound silly, but there is a good way … and a bad way. Talking to many candidates and clients, one of the practical things that

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Career Skills: Gravitas

I remember a while back, a friend of mine worked for a well-known global financial information company, she’d been there a while and had worked her way up to a managerial role. Once she’d reached this point, she was told she had to get some ‘gravitas’ and was assigned a ‘mentor’. When I asked her

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Career Tips, How to ask for a payrise

Career Tips: How to ask for a pay rise?

It’s a subject many of us find difficult to talk about and certainly not openly. Some employers’ actually ban you from discussing it with colleagues. This can even be written into your contract. But with the recent ongoing debate around the gender gap, this does seem to be changing a little as companies are having

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Meet the Dovetail Team

Building your team – we’ve got it covered!

As you know we love to get out of the office to come and see you when we can! On our recent travels we’ve discovered some of you didn’t know we have recruitment sector specialists in the key business areas below, perfect for building your team: Accounting & Finance, HR & Administration, Sales & Marketing,

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Time for a career change/

Thinking of a Career Change?

When I found out that Kim Kardashian is studying to become a lawyer, I have to admit I did happily scoff at the idea for a moment – that’s what you call a career change! Not that I know anything about the famous KK apart from her plastic surgery and reality shows.  But now, I’m

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Working from home - the good and the bad

Working From Home?

In January 2018, statistics showed that 13.7 per cent of the UK workforce were working from home and the growth looks set to continue. ‘The number of people regularly working from home has risen to 4.2 million in the last decade. An additional 1.8 million people would like to work from home but are not

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Attracting the Best Candidates

‘The number of people in work in the UK has continued to climb, with a record 32.6 million employed between October and December, the latest Office for National Statistics figures show. ‘ BBC News Recruitment is a two-way thing and in today’s climate, where solid, skilled candidates are scarce we sometimes need to remind our

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Healthy Mind, PDSW, Pavilion Dance

Healthy Mind – Featuring Pavilion Dance South West

We see it in the news, on social media, in the workplace, everyone is becoming increasingly aware of mental health and having a ‘healthy mind’, especially within the workplace. One of the things I find that can boost my mood and create a ‘healthy mind’ after a good, bad, stressful or normal day at work,

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What not to do in your interview, Reasons you didn't get that job or cut the mustard

Didn’t cut the mustard?

Looking for a job, getting the interviews – but something goes wrong…and you don’t get the job? So, what went wrong? With over 75 years experience in recruitment, we thought we’d share some of the best reasons candidates don’t cut the mustard – so you don’t make the same mistake! :0) What not to do in

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Blue Monday- - Turning things on its head

Blue Monday? Let’s turn it on it’s head!

According to the ‘Experts’ today is Blue Monday! So, if you weren’t already aware it’s meant to be the most depressing day of the year. We do things a bit differently at Dovetail Recruitment, so we’re turning it on its head to look at the positives. What makes it Blue Monday? According to the formula

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It's all about goals for 2019 - tell us what yours are!

No Resolutions Here!

No resolutions here – this year we’re liking goals. It’s the first full week back at work and we’re ready for it. And with a few years’ experience of New Year and it all it brings, we’ve learnt in the office that January is the worst time to start promising ourselves we’re going to lose weight,

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workplace like a jungle, HR,

How work is like a jungle

Following Sunday’s show, it got me thinking about how the workplace is like a jungle – sometimes. What are the characteristics you need to survive? On Sunday, 10.8 million people tuned in to watch Bournemouth’s very own local celebrity Harry crowned King of the Jungle. I confess I did watch a fair bit of the

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Career Skills, IQ, What makes us smart? Find out if you have any of the attributes ? :0)

What makes us Smart?

Traditionally, the perception of being smart has been uncool, geeky, the egghead who’s usually teased for being clever. They’re the one in class that’s typically odd and different from the rest, that stood out from the crowd for all the wrong reasons, spotty, glasses, bad hair, bad clothes. Then the tables turned and suddenly uncool,

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