Feeling stressed? See our 26 Tips to beat the stress factor of life

26 Tips to Beat The Stress Factor

It’s National Stress Awareness Week and as the nation’s stress levels continue to rise we’ve gathered 26 top tips to beat the stress factor and help you deal with the everyday stresses you may be experiencing. There are also some tools at the bottom for you to assess your stress levels. Sometimes we battle on

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Looking for a new job checklist

Looking for a New Job Checklist

If you’ve decided it’s time to get yourself a new job, we’ve gathered a ‘Looking for a new job checklist’ for you to work through before you start the ball rolling. We don’t want you to forget anything or get caught out by being unprepared – here are some pointers to getting you your perfect

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Career Skills, IQ, What makes us smart? Find out if you have any of the attributes ? :0)

What makes us Smart?

Traditionally, the perception of being smart has been uncool, geeky, the egghead who’s usually teased for being clever. They’re the one in class that’s typically odd and different from the rest, that stood out from the crowd for all the wrong reasons, spotty, glasses, bad hair, bad clothes. Then the tables turned and suddenly uncool,

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Employment News in Dorset

HR & Employment News: Oct 18

Keeping you up-to-date with the Business, HR and Employment news in Dorset and beyond 29.10. 18 Bournemouth Echo: Ted Baker founder to speak at Bournemouth event. The Independent: Apple CEO Tim Cook says he came out to show children ‘you can be gay and still do big jobs’ 28.10.18 Business Insider: 11 words you probably didn’t know

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Dovetail summarise the key points from the latest report on the job market in the outh

Job Market Report South: September 18

See our latest round up of IHS Markit & REC’s Job Market Report Hampshire, Dorset and the South for September – who gather data from Recruitment agencies in Dorset. We’ve summarised the key points for September: Permanent placements expand at weakest rate for ten months Overall candidate availability falls at a quicker pace Starting salary

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Questions for interviewer, questions to ask in an interview, client interview questions, questions not to ask in candidate interviews

Top Tips: Interview questions

So, you’ve got a shortlist of candidates that you’re due to interview for a key job role in the company. Have you: 1. Booked a meeting room? 2. Ensured any colleagues or managers are free for the meeting? 3. Reviewed the job description? 4. Prepared your interview questions to ask your candidates All ready then,

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Working as a recruitment consultant, Laura Staton, Dovetail Recruitment

Laura’s 2 years at Dovetail Recruitment

It’s another anniversary at Dovetail Recruitment this month As Laura hits 2 years she gives an insight into what it’s like working as a recruitment consultant. We can’t believe that Laura has been with Dovetail for 2 years this month. She’s certainly proven herself a natural for recruitment as she’s been a real star performer

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Bournemouth Recruitment + HR, Bournemouth News, Business & HR news in dorset and hampshire

Business & HR News – September 18

A round-up of Business & HR News Keeping you up-to-date with what’s going on in Dorset HR, Business and the world of work locally and beyond. 24.09.18 The Independent: Public sector support staff ‘working 40 million hours of unpaid overtime a year Business Insider: What happens when you let employees pick how much they want

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Bournemouth Recruitment Agency

Celebrating a Decade of Dovetail

As a boutique Bournemouth recruitment agency, we pride ourselves on sourcing the best candidates and finding them their perfect fit roles with leading successful companies in the local area. This month we celebrate our 10 year Anniversary. The Business Magazine, recently interviewed Liz as part of their Working Women feature this month, here it is.

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Job Market Report - graph from Dovetail Recruitment agency Dorset

Job Market Report South: August 18

See our latest round up of IHS Markit & REC’s Job Market Report in the South for August – who gather data from Recruitment agencies in Dorset. Find out what Salaries in Bournemouth and the South are doing; and where the key skills shortages are. ‘Softer increases in both permanent placements and temp billings in

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salaries and the gender pay gap

Do we need to know what salary you’re on?

‘Well over three-quarters of UK firms pay their male staff more than their female workers’, according to a recent BBC article. We all know that the Gender Pay Gap is unfair and needs to be rectified and we could say that New York and California are leading the way, as they have already banned the

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Bournemouth Recruitment + HR, Bournemouth News, Business & HR news in dorset and hampshire

Business & HR News: August 18

A round-up of Business & HR News in Dorset & Beyond Keeping you up to date with what’s going on in business, HR and the world of work – we’ve gathered the latest headlines 24.08.18 Vogue: How to update your workwear wardrobe The Guardian: Amazon army of ambassadors jump to their defence when bad press hits  Bournemouth

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Time for a new job, Time for a fresh start, change of the seasons, Hello autumn

Time for a Fresh Start?

The new term and new season is fast approaching  = a fresh start and maybe time for a new job ?  Are you ready? It’s nearly back to school time…and yes, I’m starting to get the blues that Summer is on it’s way out but at least it’s been a hot one! As much as

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what makes a great boss

The ‘Google’ Boss

The importance of a good boss We all know how much time we spend at work and we all want to be happy.  We all have a boss. Some of us are lucky to have a good boss, some a great boss – the less fortunate have an ok, or if we’re honest a pretty

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Salaries in bournemouth

Job Market Report for South: July 18

“Further drop in candidate availability pushes up pay” We’ve summarised the key points from IHS Markit & REC’s Job Market Report South for July – find out what Salaries in Bournemouth and the South are doing; and where the skills shortages are. Key points from July’s survey: Permanent placements and temp billings both rise at

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Commercial thinking - career skills, career development, management skills

Career Skills: Commercial Awareness

Improve your Career Skills: Commercial Awareness. Have they got commercial experience? This is a question we are often asked by our clients. So, what is it to ‘be commercial’ and why is it so important? We thought we’d try to demonstrate what it is and give some pointers on how to improve your ‘commercial acumen’.

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