No Resolutions Here!

It's all about goals for 2019 - tell us what yours are!

No resolutions here – this year we’re liking goals.

It’s the first full week back at work and we’re ready for it. And with a few years’ experience of New Year and it all it brings, we’ve learnt in the office that January is the worst time to start promising ourselves we’re going to lose weight, get fit, get a new job, get a pay rise, …or just save the world in our spare time.

It’s all about …The Goals

So instead, the Dovetail team are setting goals for this fabulous New Year of 2019. I’ve asked around the office and here a few of our various sized goals and aims for the year – ready..deep breath!

  • Healthy Eating…losing weight… –  Yes, I know …yawn!
  • Go on three holidays this year
  • Do some exercise – even just a little bit! Yes, I know …yawn!
  • Improve Work-Life Balance
  • Do a refresher course in
  • Decorate the spare room
  • Read more fiction
  • Have meat-free days – not ready to become Vegan
  • Have less screen time – esp on social media
  • Be tidier – at home and work. Tidy surroundings = tidy mind
  • Declutter – clear the loft, chuck those clothes away you haven’t worn for 5 years! Do it – it feels so good!
  • Set a Wedding date – YAAY, we’re loving this one
  • Achieve 3 Life Admin tasks a day – Good intentions!
  • Get more organised – I have a diary, family planner, IPhone and google calendar – how can I still not be organised?
  • Get a piano
  • Be more creative – do more arty things, painting, crafts
  • Get a cat or pet – it’s so good for your well-being
  • Enter competitions – if you’re not in it, you can’t win it
  • Make it to 2020…We’d love to hear yours and the more unusual the better!
    Do tell..:0)

And if they’re job-related of course, all the better –  as we can definitely help you achieve them!

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