Music for motivation and mind

Music for Motivation and Mind #1

In the Steppes of Central Asia Welcome to the first in the series of our music related blogs – ‘Music for motivation and mind’! Laura here, bringing you some well known and some lesser known works in the Classical, Romantic and Modern eras. I will be sharing some of my favourite pieces that I find

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Brain teasers

Brain Teasers – How does yours work?

For a bit of fun – we’ve got two brain teasers for you …take the tests to get some insight into how your brain works! Let’s face it – do we have any idea what goes on in there?:0) Brain Teaser 1  – The Brain test Find out which side of your brain is dominant

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Creative minds in business

How Creative Candidates Can Benefit Businesses

Yes, it’s true, creative candidates can benefit businesses and I’m here to explain how. In many workplaces, a lot of focus is put on good grades and academic subjects/thinking. While this is clearly a working model for successful work and business, I feel some employers are missing out on those who haven’t strictly adhered to

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