Top tips to stay focused

Top tips: How to stay focused

If you’re a habitual multitasker, here are 10 tips to help you break the habit and stay focused on the task ahead.  “We’re good at doing rapidly sequential tasks, rather than simultaneous ones” – according to the Psychologists (1) Top Tips to Stay Focused 1. Check up on yourself Distractions can be internal as well as

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Dovetail Diary: Optimism + Hard Work Pays

We were chatting in the office recently about key moments in our working lives and what we learnt from them. I thought it would be nice to share, so here’s the first one! Laura mentioned her uni days and the moment when she realised that that good ol’ chestnut and overstated cliche of  ‘optimism and

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So, what makes a good leader?

Leadership Skills – Highlights from BBC’s CEO Secrets series The BBC has been running a series of interviews to find out what makes prominent chief executives tick. Is there a secret to their success? Listen to their stories to get their top tips on leadership skills! We’ve hand-picked the business leaders we think you’ll find most

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Dovetail finds the perfect fit

Dovetail Finds the Perfect Fit

It’s been a long road but hard work, dedication, perseverance and a lot of liaising has finally paid off. Our client has found their perfect fit and we have a very happy candidate. Three months ago, our client came to us with a new opportunity for a Sales Manager to join their rapidly expanding, ever

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