does multitasking work

The Art of Multitasking?

We live in a society where multitasking is king. We can’t seem to do anything without trying to do something else at the same time.  In a world of juggling our responsibilities, we type whilst chatting on the phone, walk or jog on the phone, watch TV at the gym, read while listening to music,

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How to deal with pressure at work

How to deal with pressure – like England!

Yes, Can you believe England have done it and made it into the Semifinals, having won not just two ordinary games, but a gruelling match against Colombia with a penalty shoot-out to contend with! I think many of us are still in a pleasant state of shock that it actually happened – England rose to

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4 Year Work Anniversary for Samantha

Samantha’s 4 year Work Anniversary at Dovetail Recruitment! So, Samantha what are your highlights? Samantha:  “I love working at Dovetail as we’re such a close-knit team – we really support each other in getting the right person for each placement. It’s a fantastic feeling when you find that great match for candidate + client –

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Workplace trends for 2018

What’s on the cards for 2018?

So, 2018 – what’s on the cards:  Workplace Trends for 2018? Looking at all the predictions for this year, what can we expect for the Workplace Trends for 2018? There are some common trends that keep recurring which we’ve summarised below, having looked at some of the recent surveys and many of seem to interlink.

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Romance in the workplace

Romance in the workplace – dead or alive?

February is the month of romance and Valentine’s Day has come and gone – so how do we feel about romance in the workplace? Starting out in the workplace over 20 years ago as a young idealistic 19 year old :0), I told myself that I would never get involved with someone I worked with.

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